Kylie Jenner spooked by animal “rights” harassment

Kylie Jenner fled from a public appearance in Las Vegas recently. Some animal rights activists decided to stop by and condemn her for wearing fur.

The only thing is, according to TMZ, is that the fur Kylie wears is fake. In the scheme of things that doesn’t matter to these extremists since any display of fur is bad. It is probably seen by the human hate group as a sanction of the idea that having fur coats is a good idea.

Kylie’s sister, Kim, wears real fur coats, respectfully, and is regularly targeted by animal rights terrorists.

Don’t be scared or intimidated Kylie! Keep doing what you are doing! I encourage everyone to buy your personal products or a fur coat or hat. It’s time to stand in solidarity against these extremist thugs who have no regard for human life (including their own) and who prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over human civilization.