NZ Professor: Greenpeace lying for financial gain

Last month two New Zealand Greenpeace activists and the head of its Kiwi chapter have been charged with interfering with the activities of a oil exploration vessel.

According to 1NewsNow out of New Zealand, NZ Greenpeace head Russel Norman and activists Sara Howell and Gavin Mulvay were charged under the country’s Crown Minerals Act of interference with the operational area of an operational area of a vessel engaged in oil prospecting.

The charges were the result of Greenpeace activists placing themselves in the way of the ship Amazon Warrior which was conducting surveying of New Zealand waters while exploring for petroleum. The result was the Amazon Warrior had to change course.

Now Victoria University geophysics and tectonics professor Rupert Sutherland accuses the New Zealand Greenpeace group of essentially lying for financial gain. Dr. Sutherland has worked on seismic surveys and studied the science behind them. Greenpeace’s current strategy of seeking to halt oil exploration to allegedly prevent potential harm to marine mammals is nothing more than a scheme to fund-raise.

Sutherland further alleges that marine mammals, such as whales, were more at risk to whaling ships than vessels in the fishing or shipping industries. Greenpeace responded by saying their activities were based on scientific evidence and rejected the accusation that they were using events like what happened with the Amazon Warrior as a means to fund-raise.

Greenpeace can deny all they want, but they have admitted on more than one occasion that they have hyped certain events in order to raise money numerous times. The most recent example is when a Greenpeace chapter out of Canada admitted they used hyperbole for fundraising during a legal struggle they were involved in with Resolute Forest Products in factoids they produced.

Greenpeace’s alarmism on climate change was also exposed during 2009 on the BBC show HARDtalk by host Stephen Sackur when its outgoing leader, Gerd Leipold, was forced to admit that Greenpeace’s assertion that Arctic ice would completely melt by 2030 was a mistake. Leipold did end up defending the claims it made since the end goal was to scare people into Greenpeace’s way of thinking.

This goes to show the contempt environmentalist groups, like the Greenpeace, have for the truth. Environmentalists subscribe to an idea Plato wrote about known as The Noble Lie in his book The Republic. Environmentalists themselves as a sort of anointed class that knows best how society should be organized and governed. Therefore, lying to further their cause in order to save the Earth from the plague of humanity is warranted. The only plague is the fraud conducted by Greenpeace and their ilk since it shows environmentalists can’t bare to think that people actually want to use fossil fuels to further their own lives.