UK Cuadrilla fracking protests turn violent

Anti-fracking protesters at the Cuadrilla drilling site near Blackpoole, Lancashire are violently clashing with police and using other means to disrupt the energy firm employee’s work.

According to the Sky News, More than 150 protesters have been arrested for a variety of crimes such as assault or possession of a deadly weapon. Not surprisingly, protesters accuse police and Cuadrilla security for the aggression. During June, the Cuadrilla drilling rig at the site was vandalized.

Police are increasing their presence to 24 hour patrols and with drilling beginning next month the situation at the Cuadrilla will likely become more violent. In an interview with Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan, he states that protesters are not peaceful in the least:

‘We’ve had 160 arrests in the last six months at that site. We’ve already had 23 convictions, including for carrying a knife, for abuse and for assault, and we have many more cases to come before the magistrates.

‘To give the impression that this is peaceful or lawful protests is, frankly, ridiculous.’

Protesters are using techniques, such as lock-on tubes, that make it harder for them to be removed and are even resorting to trying to make police out to be aggressors. One protester accused police of pushing him out of his wheel chair when, in fact, he fell out of it and was promptly helped back up by officers.

If there was any doubt that environmentalists are anti-human let this news story and the events that occurred in North Dakota stand as the prime reason to not only resist terrorist actions like this. Increased support should be given to drilling for fossil fuels using fracking along with transporting fossil fuels via pipelines.

Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrialism agenda more and more. Since they cannot rationally or peacefully make their case, green groups resort to force in order to get their way.