Indian animal “rights” activists seek more tiger attacks

During late June, the state forest department of the western state of Maharashtra issued a shoot-to-kill order after two people were killed and four injured resulting from a tiger attack in the town of Brahmapuri. BBC reports the order came when a tiger named Kala who was released from the Bor Tiger Reserve was identified as the animal who conducted the attack.

Soon after the kill order was issued, animal rights activists denounced it and challenged the edict in court. They insist that Kala should be tranquilized and moved elsewhere. However, locals are growing fearful since the tiger killed two more people soon after her first attack.

BBC also reveals that India is home to large percentage of the world’s tiger population, are experiencing a loss of habitat due to the growth of human population centers and are the target of poachers who kill the tigers for their body parts which are used in Chinese medicines.

Because the human population has grown, it has lead to humans and tigers competing for area resources. Sadly, this has also resulted in increased tiger deaths in the last few years as well. So far an Indian lower court has upheld the kill order but animal rights activists vow to challenge it all the way to the Indian Supreme Court.

Tiger attacks on humans is exactly what the animal rights activists want. They are fully aware of the fact that humans will die resulting from tiger attacks which is why kill orders like this and culls of other animals are legally challenged by animal rights groups. Since animal rights activists consider humans a cancer on the face of the Earth, what better way to reduce the human population than with tiger and other animal attacks?