COP23 Climate Protesters harass CA Governor

California Governor Jerry Brown scolded protesters at a recent UN climate summit in Bonn. Germany. During a conference event, Brown delivered a speech in which he was interrupted by environmentalists demanding he keep coal and oil in the ground along with chanting carbon trading is no solution. Brown then shot back saying: Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here.

His response was not a good choice of words since protesters could claim he issued a death threat. He was obviously angered and surprised though his words are no excuse. To his credit, Brown has been very supportive of fracking and has at times clashed with environmentalists over the practice.

None the less, despite his drawing the ire of greens, Brown can only be given two cheers due to his being mostly on the environmentalist’s side. For example, he has made the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement official California policy as part of his party’s efforts to oppose President Donald Trump. At a recent speech given at the Vatican stating that the world needs brain washing in order to fight climate change. Last month Brown signed a bill into law giving co-called animal rescue groups, like the so-called Humane Society and PETA, a monopoly on supplying pet stores animals for domesticated use.

There is a reason Brown is known as Governor Moonbeam in which his contradictory stances and off the cuff comments are the result of his eccentricity and continuous virtue signaling.

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