DxE harasses, slanders California dairy farm

On Tuesday close to 50 terrorists from the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) took it upon themselves to harass and slander Zonneveld Dairy located in Layton, California which is in Fresno County. The group went so far as to publicize their theft of a calf from the dairy claiming it was their rescuing the animal from living in inhumane conditions further asserting that the calf was near death. At one point, DxE activists tried to enter the dairy farm’s grounds in order to film but, fortunately, were turned away by police.

The dairy farm rejected the group’s assertions, in which Zonneveld farms’ owner Andy Zonneveld states he has veterinarians walking his dairy’s grounds daily. During June, the National Milk Producers Federation said Zonneveld Dairies was inspected as part of its Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program. The facility was found to be appropriately caring for calves and sick animals.

Despite the theft of the calf being a misdemeanor, all of the terrorists who participated in its removal should be prosecuted and the dairy should sue Direct Action Everywhere for doing this. DxE demonstrates they have no regard for private property and will lie and manipulate facts in order to get their way.

DxE continues to show the kind of nihilists they are and are typical of the animal rights movement. Continue to attack in hopes of undermining dairy farms and other food-related establishments (like dairy farms) will lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation.

SOURCES: Fresno Bee, YouTube