Scotland Bans Fracking Except When They Didn’t

The multinational petrochemical company Ineos brought a court action against Scotland recently. It was brought in response to a recent ban enacted by the Scottish parliament on fracking.

According to the UK Telegraph, the Scottish government denies any such ban is in place and that government ministers are still considering the issue. What was enacted, they state, is a moratorium on fracking enacted in 2015 in which it was extended indefinitely last year citing overwhelming public opposition.

This denial despite Scotland’s energy minister, Paul Wheelhouse, has stated publicly that regulations would be used to effectively ban the drilling method and even First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, made remarks that fracking was banned in Scotland.

Scotland’s government is dominated by the far-left Scottish National Party (SNP) in which the SNP is known to implement policies that are in line with what environmentalists advocate such as bans on hydraulic fracturing. In this case, the SNP politicians are playing double talk. They enact a ban on fracking and then when confronted with statements saying so when brought before a judge in a court of law deny their efforts were a ban.

This is similar to the Obama Administration’s denials saying that the penalty for not buying health insurance as part of Obama’s mandatory healthcare scheme was a tax until the President had to defend his boondoggle in court. Or, when questioned by Independent Counsel Ken Starr, Bill Clinton stating it depends on what the definition of is is. Postmodernist double talk or denial of reality at its finest.

To the Left, there are no facts, only differences of opinion unless a particular piece of information helps their narrative.