U.S. Companies Are Driving A Renewables Boom? Not Really!

It was one year ago this month that President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Since then, there has been somewhat of an obsession on the part of the mainstream media and the Left to see to it that, somehow, that the accord remains relevant in an attempt to somehow shame President Trump and the United States.

Some states, like California and Washington, vowed to implement the agreement on their own and even foreign and domestic companies have pledged to comply with the Paris Agreement despite it not being binding upon them. Therefore, it is no surprise that The New York Times publishes a news story on the one year anniversary of President Trump’s announcement making the case for renewable energy.

However, despite the glowing text during the first half of the news article, toward the end the overall case for renewable energy is weak. Most of the focus on using renewable energy is on large companies who can afford to do so. Smaller ones face significant challenges to achieve such a goal even with a business trade association seeking ways to make it possible for small businesses to buy green power.

Even large corporations, like Google, question whether or not it can actually achieve 100 percent renewable energy use and it still has to rely on fossil fuel powered sources for power. The article states:

But, as Google itself readily acknowledges, this doesn’t mean that the company is truly powered by 100 percent renewable energy. In many cases, its wind and solar farms operate in different regions (or different countries) than the company’s data centers do. What’s more, the wind and solar farms it has procured don’t provide steady power 24 hours a day, whereas Google’s data centers run around the clock. That means the company is essentially still reliant on fossil fuels to keep the broader grid running.

Google even goes on to admit that achieving total renewable energy will take years and will be very complicated. They and other major corporations should heed the words of the two top-tier scientists Google paid to examine ways to improve technology for renewable energy sources.

The two researchers bluntly pointed out in their final report three years ago that renewable energy sources (such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy) will never cut carbon emissions to the levels environmentalists seek. Additionally, renewable energy schemes won’t be adequate for any company’s power needs.

While the author of the news story does not pick the title of their news article, The New York Times report shows that any boom in renewable energy by U.S. companies not only will not only be very far off but will, most likely, not happen at all.