Animal AG Alliance Issues Warning About Copycat Animal “Rights” Attacks

The recent actions on the part of the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) has spurned the Animal Agriculture Alliance to issue warnings to livestock and poultry farmers to be on the lookout for similar attacks. According to AG Daily, the organization is referring to an incident during the latter part of May at a Petaluma, California egg farm where hundreds of DxE terrorists trepassed on farm property and stole a number of chickens from their cages.

While about 40 DxE thieves were arrested, the leaders of this mass theft have called upon other DxE affiliates to receive training in order to conduct similar mass thefts. AG Daily also states that the group has conducted so-called open rescues in the past which is consistent with the group’s underlying mission as stated by one of the organization’s leaders named Wayne Hsuing during a 2016 DxE conference that they seek to destroy animal agriculture.

Direct Action Everywhere has openly and directly stated their intent and the threat the group poses to not just animal agriculture but human life in general should not be overstated. Where they can succeed in destroying animal meat products, PETA can focus on destroying medical research that uses animals in their tests or entertainment venues that use animals such as circuses.

It cannot be overstated the kind of threat groups, like Direct Action Everywhere, pose to humans and our way of life. Hopefully authorities will take appropriate action to stop them.