Environmentalists Seek More Grizzly Bear Attacks in Wyoming

After being removed from the US endangered species list, the Yellowstone grizzly bear population in Wyoming has grown prompting federal wildlife officials to issue hunting licenses to allow for hunting the animals. According to The Daily Caller, one environmentalist named Lisa Robertson is among a group of fraudsters who will apply for a hunting license in an attempt to prevent the bears hunt from being conducted. If she wins, she will photograph the bear she locates rather than shoot it.

The Daily Caller further points out:

Applications for a grizzly tag are $5 for Wyoming residents and $15 for people living out-of-state. Winners must hand over another $600 for Wyoming residents and $6,000 for those from out-of-state.

The last grizzly hunt Wyoming held was in 1975 before the animals were listed under the Endangered Species Act. The bear population numbered 136 then. The species has now recovered and are out of danger of extinction, so officials are using the hunts to keep the bears in check and limit interaction between the animals and residential areas.

Hunting the animals also helps their species live since it reduces the likelihood of the spread of disease among animal populations and helps enhance preservation efforts since large quantities of money drawn from purchasing hunting equipment, licenses and supplies helps fund wildlife conservation. In reality, what people, like Lisa Robertson, and animal rights or environmentalist groups want is for people to be subjected to more animal attacks or exposed to some sort of disease resulting from increased animal populations on federal lands when people decide to visit them.