PETA India Silent After Pregnant Goat Rape Incident

PETA India did not condemn a bizarre incident involving a group of eight men stealing and later raping a pregnant goat in Nuh, located in Mewat of Haryana.

According to DNA, after the eight men stole the goat, the eight men took the goat to an old home in a remote area and relentlessly sexually assaulted the animal who later died. The men attempted to rape the goat earlier in the day but were beaten by local villagers.

The goat’s owner told DNA that the men involved in the heinous act don’t fear retribution since they allegedly know some town big shots that immunize them from arrest. PETA India was criticized for not condemning the incident and only put out a statement saying they worked with police and urged people to lobby officials to have stricter laws against animal abuse passed.

Having sexual relations with a goat is an ethic sanctioned in Islam so its very likely the culprits were Muslim, especially since India does have a sizeable Muslim population. Also, PETA’s silence also reflects their lack of regard for the animal’s life since it was in contact or used by humans in some way.

PETA deems domesticated animals (like the goat in question) as un-pure due to human contact since they consider animal ownership a form of slavery. In PETA’s view, the fewer animals for human enjoyment and companionship the better so as to make life for humans as miserable as possible.