Environmentalists Whine About Lack of Water for Delaware Basin, ‘Cause Fish!

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and New York City are probably scared stiff. WSKG reports the environmentalist group Friends of the Delaware Basin is demanding more water to be released from reservoirs that replace flows in the Delaware River during dry periods. Doing this, the greens say, will help reduce flooding when it rains heavily like what happened in the area recently.

According to WSKG, reservoir releases from three upstate New York waterways are too small to allow for trout and other wildlife downstream when summer comes up. So the environmentalists want the water flow increased. All five municipalities have had problems deciding how much water to release seeking to balance environmental needs with the needs of their citizens.

Environmentalists want more water for the Delaware Basin wildlife because it will deprive humans of the states that depend on the Delaware River and other nearby waterways of the water they need to sustain their lives.