“Hundreds of Thousand” Expected to Attend Climate Protests This Weekend

Environmentalists pushing human-induced climate change and claiming the doom-and-gloom that would result, are, most likely, going to be wrong about the turn out for these events too.

At best, the most anyone could hope for watching or attending any of these virtue signalling charades is listening to endless rants on how evil Donald Trump is, how #ExxonKnew its products contributed to climate change (when they really didn’t), or getting a kick out of watching speakers mindlessly call for acts of civil disobedience which, if acted upon, will result in more people’s lives ruined due to achieving nothing more than an arrest record. Quoting The Guardian:

Protests against politicians’ failure to tackle the environmental crisis will take place in more than 90 countries

Hundreds of thousand of people in more than 90 countries are expected to take part in demonstrations this weekend to protest about the failure of politicians to tackle the global environmental crisis.

Organisers say more than 800 events – from marches to street theatre, acts of civil disobedience to mini festivals – will take place in towns and cities amid growing frustration at the lack of meaningful political action over the emerging climate breakdown.

Nick Bryer from campaign group 350.org which is organising the event said: “Politicians are failing. They are still protecting the interests of the fossil fuel companies over the interests of people, despite mounting evidence of the devastation these companies and this system is causing the planet.”

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