Nancy Pelosi Revives Obama’s “War on Coal”

House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi has restarted the War on Coal initiated by (now former) President Obama. According to Fox News, Pelosi is supporting the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal initiative to shut down more than a third of US coal fired power plants by 2020. Hillary Clinton supported a similar initiative for her 2016 Presidential…

Shocking! Leaked Anti-President Trump Google Tape Scandal!

Recently Breitbart News published shocking leaked footage of a major Google meeting following the 2016 presidential election where company executives revealed their bias against President Donald Trump. Stefan Molyneux reviews the article, video and gives commentary about the recording and overall issues raised by the leaked footage. Google has made efforts to silence climate skeptics,…

Marches for Climate Bombed

The Guardian predicted hundreds of thousands of people but tens of thousands showed up for this weekend’s climate marches. PBS News Hour interviewed a representative from org at a climate march in San Francisco and the turn out there was pathetic. No wonder why The New York Times didn’t cover the events.

What Brett Kavanaugh Means for Liberty

Hearings began for President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh. John Stossel interviews Ilya Shaprio of the Cato Institute who goes into what to expect with President Trump’s pick for the top for the Supreme Court, including curbs on the powers of agencies like the EPA.

The Climate Clown Show

In this video geologist and electrical engineer Tony Heller shows the lomg history of climate contradictions and general insanity from the left, and how they are now turning very ugly and dangerous.