The Coming End of Patreon

Patreon is the latest casualty in the culture war and the implications are huge. Including, potentially, other woke payment processing companies, such as PayPal. Tim Pool reveals the juicy details. Remember, red pills pay bills. UPDATE: Lauren Southern is reportedly gearing up to sue Patreon for de-platforming her in 2017.

Environmentalists Feed Right-Wing Vaccine Skepticism

Because of some perceived threat by Bill Gates potentially pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccines, elements of the Right are drinking anti-vaccine Kool Aid environmentalists, like Joe Mercola and Rep. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., are all too willing to give out with a little help from the National Vaccine Information Center (it isn’t). Never forget that… Read More Environmentalists Feed Right-Wing Vaccine Skepticism

Environmentalists Smell Blood With BlackRock Vote

BlackRock is a highly profitable and influential global investment management firm based out of New York City. After being pressured by climate activists and some of their clients, BlackRock recently announced they would put an emphasis on concerns surrounding climate change and recently followed through punishing over 50 companies while putting almost 200 other firms… Read More Environmentalists Smell Blood With BlackRock Vote