Are “Peace Walls” in America’s Future?

President Donald Trump has personally seen to it that a wall along the U.S. - Mexico border is being constructed to help defend the United States from wrongdoers seeking to enter the country illegally. However, political tensions within the United States have been increasing for sometime, and the circumstance in one European city may spell … Continue reading Are “Peace Walls” in America’s Future?

‘Frisco Green Party Opposes Deregulation Ballot Prop.

Environmentalism isn't just about hatred of humans but also making people's lives on earth as miserable as possible. San Francisco's Proposition H will change or relax the city's business code making it somewhat easier for small businesses to spring up and survive after the city and state restrictions related to the coronavirus ruin the Golden … Continue reading ‘Frisco Green Party Opposes Deregulation Ballot Prop.

Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

The Anti-Rand Institute hosted a Zoom call to commemorate Dr. Leonard Peikoff's birthday. As it turns out, Dr. Peikoff joined the call, expressed appreciation for the event and gave a very moving, short talk on his interactions with Ayn Rand and why he decided to become an Objectivist including discussing his latest project. Toward the … Continue reading Leonard Peikoff: “I’m voting for Trump!”

“A Struggle For The Survival Of Our Nation”

Despite it being four years old, this is excellent speech delivered by President Trump explaining what's at stake. The issues he raised back then certainly apply now. PHOTO CREDIT: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Donald Trump, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Democrat Calls For Trump Supporting “Maggots” To be REMOVED From Society

Ex-MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann made unhinged comments on his new YouTube show after leaving ESPN. Olbermann may be a lunatic but this coming from a high profile commentator are completely off the wall, and he is not alone in his sentiments. Worst part about it, YouTube didn't take his video down. This is what fascism … Continue reading Democrat Calls For Trump Supporting “Maggots” To be REMOVED From Society

U.S. House Committee: Tech Companies Engaged in Monopolistic Behavior

After a 15 month investigation, the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law has issued a 449 page report concluding that Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google engaged in monopolistic practices. According to ARS Technica, the committee conducted seven hearings, poured over a million internal documents, interviewed more than 200 people, and reviewed … Continue reading U.S. House Committee: Tech Companies Engaged in Monopolistic Behavior

The Left Plays “Block and Tackle” in Red States

A curious article was published yesterday in the Washington Free Beacon. A Texas U.S. House candidate named Helane Lulu Sawsan Seikaly was revealed to have used her parent's home address to vote while living and working in California. While Seikaly is likely to lose to her Republican opponent anyway, this demonstrates what the Left does … Continue reading The Left Plays “Block and Tackle” in Red States