Whole Foods Gets Restraining Order Against DxE Thugs

A Whole Foods in Berkeley, California has been granted a restraining order by the Alameda Superior Court against the animal rights terrorist group Direct Action Everywhere (aka DxE).

According to The Daily Californian, the group has conducted a number of protests that have been disruptive not only to operations at the store, but also to patrons as well. Store representatives allege the protests included blocking access to aisles, cash registers, departments along with other activities that put the safety of employees and customers at risk.

DxE alleges Whole Foods lies about its animal products and gets them from factory farms that includes cruel conditions and treatment for animals, a charge Whole Foods denies. DxE says they will continue to push for the store chain to be transparent including more demonstrations allegedly as part of their educational efforts including at other grocery stores too.

DxE continues to show the kind of nihilistic thugs they are and are typical of the animal rights movement. They hope their harassment of grocery store employees and customers will undermine food-related establishment’s reputations in hopes of resulting in more human deaths by hunger and starvation.