Animal “Rights” Group Wants More Tiger Attacks in India

Campaigners with the group Big Cat Rescue (BCR) out of Tampa, Florida are petitioning India’s President to spare the life of a Bengali tigeress named Avni that has been responsible for the deaths of 13 people over the period of almost two years in Maharashtra, India.

According to India Today, the state’s forest department issued a kill order for Avni a few months ago and there is a manhunt that has been going on since then. Animal rights groups tried to get the order overturned in court but it was upheld and now they are petitioning India’s President, Ram Kovind, to issue a pardon for the tiger.

Notice that the lives of the 13 people killed by Avni mean nothing to BCR? They aren’t the ones who have to live in fear of this murderous animal stalking about that can kill anyone at any moment. The group does propose a trap and tranquilize method instead, but there is no guarantee that those methods will be effective and Maharashtra officials are the ones who exist to protect local residents, not Big Cat Rescue and probably already decided tranquilizing the animal would not work.

Ultimately, its clear where BCR’s loyalties lie. They would not only prefer Avni alive but obviously more tiger attacks, their so-called tranquilize and trap solution is merely window dressing.