Media Helps PETA Spread Lies About Milk

The mainstream media didn’t think PETA got enough exposure for their troll effort last year demonizing milk, so they’re trying once again attempting to say the organization thinks milk is the drink of choice for white supremacists.

Except, PETA didn’t really say milk was the drink of choice for white supremacists in its press release, but something far more disgusting. What they actually tried to do is equate drinking milk with rape, claiming: [C]ows produce milk only during and after pregnancy, so roughly every nine months, cows on dairy farms are forcibly impregnated so that their milk production will continue.

PETA further asserts that cows are placed on rape racks and forcibly impregnated with insemination devices plunged into their vaginas in order to produce milk. All of this is lies, dairy cows are bred specifically for their ability to produce milk. If a dairy cow’s udder isn’t milked they get upset since it gets painful for them to carry so much milk without it being released.

The lies in PETA’s press release aren’t surprising, and neither is the mainstream media’s attempt to revive PETA’s claims. The press is acting essentially as an unpaid public relations firm for the human hate group whils spreading its propaganda in the process.