Animal “Rights” Hoodlums Harass NYC Japanese Fish Restaurant

A location of unique Japanese restaurant named Zauo opened mid-October in New York City. The concept behind it is, according to Eater, customers can fish for their dinner and enjoy a wide variety of Japanese-oriented seafood cuisine.

However, a group of animal rights punks were also in attendance. At first they were present outside the restaurant holding signs and then made their way into the Zauo marching around the establishment loudly chanting It’s not entertainment; it’s violence! and, We see life! You see food!. They also took time to condemn customers using a bullhorn too.

Although police were called, the thugs fled before police arrived. one thing is for sure, if their intent was to disturb or disrupt customers from their dining experience it looks like it didn’t work. None the less, this goes to show how much of a lack of regard for human lives these animal rights activists have for humans despite their claims that they respect all life on Earth.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons – Japanese cuisine