Vegans Terrorize British Meat Eaters, Butchers and Farmers

Drawing inspiration from a documentary released five years ago, The Earthlings Movement is targeting Britian’s meat industry. Campaigners will attempt to persuade people in Britain to not consume animal products by terrorizing them along with British farmers and butchers.

According to an article published earlier this month in The Times of London, Earthlings Movement leader Phoebe Frampton claimed their efforts will be peaceful but would include hoodlums standing in circles wearing masks and showing horrific movies of abattoirs. Frampton also states there are over half a million vegans in the UK and there is an increased focus on animal rights (i.e. the animalistic treatment of humans).

During the first weekend in November, protests were to take place protests were outside a number of fast food restaurants around Great Britain. Despite any benefits drawn from the increased amount of people turning to veganism, the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) has gone so far as to conduct rescues (i.e. thefts) of animals from British farms in which farmers have been targeted by groups like DxE. A Dorset farmer named John Wood states animal rights thugs showed up at his house and yelled obscenities.

Once again we see that that so-called animal rights campaigns are not about the humane treatment of animals but the inhumane or animalistic treatment of humans. They have no problems harassing and intimidating consumers of meat along with butchers and farmers. The ethics of animal rights is ultimately based on the nihilistic savagery of the animal kingdom and not the civilization of human beings.