PETA Harasses Camel Farm in Yuma, AZ

Last week People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings filed a request with the US Department of Agriculture not to renew the Animal Welfare Act license of a Yuma, Arizona camel farm that expires in early December.

According to KVOA, the hoodlums allege that The Camel Farm has been cited for more than 20 violations most of which are repeat offenses. During May the group sued the USDA for approving the establishment’s license last year.

In response to the human hate group’s allegations made almost a year ago, Cassandra Standley, The Camel Farm owner’s daughter states the allegations made by PETA are false and misleading. The proof presented are photographs taken at the farm but the angles of the pictures, Standley states, where you can’t see the shade structure necessary to add context.

Naturally, PETA representatives never bothered to ask the Standleys about how they take care of their animals. Instead, PETA assumed they were abusing the camels and decided to harass the Standleys in an attempt to shut their venue down. Here is hoping that they pull through.