Local Activists Counter AZ Animal “Rights” Protest Against Dolphinaris

Dolphinaris, a project of Odysea in the Desert, in Scottsdale, Arizona is being publicly attacked by local animal rights activists. The facility which opened in 2016 has housed eight bottle nose dolphins in which the venue is geared to allow people, mainly children, the ability to interact with the dolphins for educational and entertainment purposes.

Unfortunately, four of the eight dolphins passed away in the last two years. Dolphinaris management admits that is a high number over a short period of time, but are working with the USDA to investigate and resolve what may have happened.

A local animal rights group named Dolphin Free AZ jumped on the fact that so many died in a short period of time, and staged a protest last weekend calling for Dolphinaris to be closed. Emotions have run so high after the last dolphin died, that the company’s employees have gotten death threats as well.

However, one activity the local news did not cover were two activists who showed up and decided to counter-protest the Dolphin Free AZ event. One reader to this website points out that both gentlemen brought a chihuahua, donned red Make America Great Again hats, set up a portable grill with a frying pan and cooked bacon that they gave for free out while one of the two men held a sign saying Human Rights NOT Animal Rights.

Almost immediately the protesters near them were triggered. At one point the hoodlums attempted to assault the men, steal their sign and blocked their view by Dolphin Free AZ thugs putting their signs in front of the counter-protesters. Police showed up about twenty minutes into the affair and, fortunately, were able to keep everything peaceful.

To their surprise, some Trump supporters were among the protesters and came up to thank the men for what they did because they exposed the core Dolphin Free AZ activists for the Leftist thugs that they are. It is no surprise that the news media made no effort to cover the counter-protesters to the Dolphin Free AZ event. If it got huge they could say they broke the story and it’s abundantly clear, the local media is on the animal rights gangster’s side.

Fortunately, this is another action where people are expressing open disagreement with animal rights punks. There are risks involved in interacting with them but animal rights goons should be resisted at every opportunity.

PHOTO CREDIT: CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1962216

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