PETA Receives Backlash Claiming Steve Irwin “Harassed” Animals

People for the Extortion Torture and Abuse of human beings is the gift that keeps on giving. According to WDBJ TV, the human haters had the audacity to claim that famous and beloved Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was not a real wildlife expert and even went so far as to state he harassed animals.

Steve Irwin met his unfortunate demise during 2006 after having been stung by a stingray during the filming of a nature documentary. Had he lived, Irwin would have been 57 years old on February 22nd and his birthday anniversary was commemorated with a Google Doodle on Friday.

After making these comments on social media, fans were noticeably upset. But, being the nihilists and ideologues they are, PETA refused to back down. What it really comes down to is that the hoodlums don’t like that Irwin was fearless in his confronting animals, like crocodiles, and demonstrated that humans are superior to animals in every way. Irwin also grew up in a zoo his parents owned and even owned his own zoo. He interacted with a wide variety of different animals and that certainly makes him an animal expert no matter what the idiots at PETA say.

While there is a risk by writing about PETA’s stupidity can give them publicity, but their idiotic acts and their attempt at flashing their hatred of humans, like this, needs to be highlighted. Animal em>rights groups, like PETA, are prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom to the civilization of mankind.

Rest in peace, Steve, you were a great man and deserve every bit of recognition no matter what PETA says. Below is one fan’s compilation of Steve Irwin’s best moments on television.