Gang Green Signals Their Hostility to Your Way of Life With NYT Op-Ed

A guest opinion editorial published last week in The New York Times made some startling assertions. The authors, Scott Wiener (a California legislator) and Daniel Kammen (a Berkeley professor), attempt to make the case that denser public housing and transportation would reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Both authors also state that low-density, single-family-home zoning is effectively a ban on economically diverse communities. What makes the underlying proposition the two gentlemen asset is the assumption that their conclusion is not open for debate or discussion. Essentially, Wiener and Kammen assume that the planet’s climate is experiencing catastrophic climate change due to fossil fuel use and low density housing along with a lack of public transportation is a contributing factor.

No doubt, if given the reigns of power, these green utopians would do their utmost to re-organize cities in America so that there would be no more dense housing, no more automobile ownership and force everyone to live in certain geographical areas while being forced to travel to work and home in a centralized transportation system paid for by onerous tax rates they would also levy on people to achieve their aims. Weiner and Kammen have no confidence in technologies and human innovations that can solve many of the alleged problems they point to.

None the less, this essay is a warning that environmentalists could soon come for your house, car and overall freedom because they are already assuming that dense housing results in too much carbon emissions. With the rise of the Democrat Party’s socialist wing, it may not be too far off. In the meantime, it would be interesting to see if the two authors of this opinion piece would end up practicing what they preach. In that respect, they may end up garnering more credibility.