Environmentalists Harass Canadian Indigenous Tribes

An enclave of environmentalists was recently established in Vancouver Island, Canada which is located north of Victoria. The encampment was founded for the sole purpose to disrupt logging in a rainforest in Fairy Creek. However, National Post reports area Indian tribes are not on board since the logging is taking place in Pacheedaht First Nation… Read More Environmentalists Harass Canadian Indigenous Tribes

Green Tyranny Propaganda

Environmentalists in Hollywood tell our kids: global warming will kill you! Soon! But instead, people keep innovating and the doom… doesn’t happen. Hollywood and the media push green propaganda. Have we been greenwashed? This is an excerpt from Stossel’s 2015 Fox News special.

The Nuclear Option

John Stossel has a column published at Reason‘s website pointing out that if environmentalists really believed climate change is an existential threat, they should support nuclear power — the only technology that has a track record of rapidly replacing fossil fuels.

Earth Day is Tomorrow

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day occurred last year and, ironically, there were few celebrations then because of COVID-19. This year, however, will probably be a different story. It should be noted that when the coronavirus pandemic hit, many environmentalists cheered the outcome essentially saying we should look on the bright side of the outbreak.… Read More Earth Day is Tomorrow

Biden Interior Secretary Shreds U.S. Energy Dominance

As predicted by many Republicans, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland reneged on Biden’s initial promise to not ban fracking on federal lands and Haaland’s pledge to take a balanced approach to energy policy when questioned about her views during her confirmation. With the stroke of a pen, according to the Associated Press, she revoked a dozen… Read More Biden Interior Secretary Shreds U.S. Energy Dominance

Environmentalists Benefit From Media Chemophobia Propaganda

Environmentalist anti-pesticide and anti-vaccine campaigns are the beneficiaries of media misinformation which is the conclusion of a commentary posted at the American Center for Science and Health’s website. One green organization that joins in to both campaigns is the Environmental Work Group who is notorious for issuing false reports and statments on GMO’s. vaccines, and… Read More Environmentalists Benefit From Media Chemophobia Propaganda