PETA Lobbies Playmobil To Make Slaughterhouse Playset

In their latest lame attempt to gross kids and their parents out in hopes of making people embrace a vegan diet, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings’s (PETA) latest publicity stunt entails the group urging Playmobil to make a playset of a slaughterhouse with two cows hanging upside down with their throats cut. As The Sun points out:

“The grisly scene is completed by an angry, blood-soaked farmer and the body of an unwanted male calf in a wheelbarrow ready to be dumped.

The mock-up has been produced by animal rights’ group Peta, which is angry at toy company Playmobil for selling a sanitised play farm.

Peta is petitioning to the toy company to create a “My First Abattoir” playset after taking offence at their plastic “large farm”.

The activists claim that the current toy is misleading because animals appear to be happy – and believe children deserve to see the real truth.”

The rest of the article can be read here.

Of course the group may not be serious, but PETA’s publicity stunts have become a lot more frequent and extreme in recent years which could be an indication of desperation. The fact that Britain’s Vegan Society called PETA’s idea too grizzly demonstrates, not only a lack of unity in the animal rights/vegan world, but also a diminishing interest in shock and awe tactics.

If the vegan community no longer has the stomach for PETA’s tactics, the organization isn’t going to fold its tents and go away. With its past history of supporting terrorists, the next step for them obviously is violence and intimidation.

One thought on “PETA Lobbies Playmobil To Make Slaughterhouse Playset

  1. A “My First Slaughterhouse” playset for kids? Don’t these animal-crazy peta goofballs have to go be stupid somewhere else?
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid rotten bullies for animals since 1980


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