Increased Livestock Deaths Blamed on Mexican Wolves

It has been challenging for ranchers in the Southwestern United States. According to the Associated Press, the amount of livestock killed by Mexican gray wolves shot up over the past year resulting from their endangered species status and it has resulted in a sketchy relationship between environmentalists, ranchers and U.S. wildlife employees. From the AP:

“Federal reports show the endangered wolves have been blamed for the deaths of 88 domestic animals in New Mexico and Arizona in the first four months of the year.

That’s on pace to surpass the nearly 100 livestock kills confirmed in all of 2018 and significantly more than has been recorded over the same four-month period in any year since the predators were reintroduced in 1998.”

Last month, over three dozen cows and calves were killed (double the amount in March) and it was attributed to wolf attacks. Meantime, endangered species proponents, Defenders of Wildlife, are said to be working with ranchers to prevent future wolf attacks. Yet, they were ultimately the reason why the Mexican wolf populations went up to begin with, and both residents and ranchers of the southwestern US are concerned they will only get worse.

By making the wolf population larger using statutes (like endangered species laws), it makes it more likely that animals used in meat production (like cattle) will be attacked and even eaten by wolves rendering them useless for human consumption. It is a revolting concept greens have pushed for policies to help wolf populations group which environmentalists claim is grounded in their idea of balancing the eco-system.

In reality, it is a form of behavior modification grounded in the purest evil since livestock attacks contribute to ratcheting up meat prices and. High meat prices, greens hope, will prod people to become vegetarians or even vegans while also curbing human activity to help the planet’s climate.

Another benefit with having larger wolf populations, is that increases the likelihood is that the the human food supply will drop. The end result is not only would the wolves will kill livestock animals but there could be more attacks against humans too. Increased wolf populations mean increased human contact with them and it would also help get rid of what gang green sees as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself.

NOTE: This is post contains similar text of a previously posted essay on the same subject.