Environmentalists Oppose Nevada Solar Project

The Gemini Solar Project is planned to be built on 7100 acres of land at a site approximately 30 miles northeast of Las Vegas and south of the Moapa River Indian Reservation. It is a renewable energy project geared to provide power to multiple Western states.

The solar farm should be a no-brainer since it will be able to provide power without using fossil fuels, right? Nope! ABC 8 reports environmentalists are already objecting to the project, stating the project could risk ruining nearby landscape such as Aztec sandstone rock formations and endangered species like rare plants and desert tortoise.

While public comment is being taken, if solar farm construction goes forward, the most likely scenario is that environmentalists will sue to stop it. This is the bait-and-switch environmentalists engage in. On the one hand, greens state they support alternative energy sources (like wind and solar) to human-induced combat climate change. But when their ideas are to be enacted, they then end up opposing them and prevent many wind and solar farms from being constructed. Environmentalist groups are rewarded with millions of dollars in recouping court costs or even settlements from government agencies if they prevail in court.

In reality, environmentalists oppose humans bending nature in any way to benefit humans (unless it involves them, of course). They would rather mankind be relegated to a primitive existence of living in caves or shanty towns with candles used to light homes since it is the primitive environmentalists revere.