Fans Blast Jenny McCarthy for Bikini Pics, Blame Her for Children Deaths

Jenny McCarthy, 46, showed off her lovely, toned body in a pink polka dot bikini as part of a photo shoot for a promotion she did for a CBD product. However, fans have been mercilessly critical of her photo shoot due to her anti-vaccine activism, with some even going so far as to blame her for the deaths of children.

The anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front that seeks to weaponize diseases (like measles or small pox) so people can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them undermines legitimate medical science and can accomplish the environmentalist movement’s goal of human extermination a lot quicker. Useful idiots, like Jenny McCarthy, are complicit with this evil.

“Jenny McCarthy’s Bikini Pics Slammed: Fans Directly Blame Her For Deaths As Anti-Vaccine Poster Child” by Rebecca Cukier, Inquisitr

“Jenny McCarthy is getting slammed. The 46-year-old Playboy face made headlines yesterday for looking sensational in a pink polka-dot bikini – as the Daily Mail reports, the model and actress had opted for a cleavage-flaunting-two-piece to promote a CBD product. The former “Playmate of the Year” was definitely wowing with her age-defying photos, but reception to the images has not proven exclusively positive.

Daily Mail’s readers have been leaving their thoughts over in the newspaper’s comments section. Many, it seemed, were out to probe the blonde’s high-profile status as an advocate for the anti-vaccination movement – The View alum has been hugely vocal in promoting the disproven concept that vaccinations cause autism.

While many of the slamming comments appeared voiced in unnecessarily harsh ways, they did appear to be echoing a united sentiment – namely, that McCarthy’s advocacy for anti-vaxx renders her unpopular. Allegations of plastic surgery and botox injections were prominent – the latter is something McCarthy has openly admitted to receiving.”