Online Foodies Troll PETA For Promoting … BANANA SKIN

This is from April of last year but is definitely of note. PETA pitched banana peel as an alternative to pulled pork as per a recipe from Melissa Copeland (aka The Skinny Vegan). Some food lovers online decided to have a little fund at PETA’s expense, and the results were hilarious!

Foodies mercilessly troll PETA for promoting BANANA SKIN as an
alternative to pulled pork – saying the dish looks just like ‘tapeworm’

By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline, Published April 2, 2019

Animal rights organisation PETA has been mercilessly trolled on social media for promoting an unusual recipe by a vegan blogger.

Melissa Copeland, from Canada, who now lives in Europe, went viral for sharing a recipe using banana skin as an alternative to pulled pork on her blog, The Stingy Vegan.

She explained that the idea is based on a Venezuelan technique, and PETA was inspired to retweet Melissa’s recipe, along with other ways banana skin can be used as a meat alternative.

However, the thread received a flood of negative comments with one comparing Melissa’s ‘pulled pork’ sandwich to ‘tapeworm’.

Another wrote: ‘If being vegan is so awesome, why are they always trying to make “meat substitutes”? Stop appropriating my food and come up with your own.’