Biden Taps Gina McCarthy as “Climate Czar”

What’s old is going to be new again should Creepy Joe Biden assume the Oval Office next year. According to Politico, the alleged president-elect has picked ex-Obama EPA head Gina McCarthy as his advisor on domestic climate policy (aka climate czar). She will be accompanied by Ali Zaidi who just so happens to be New York’s deputy secretary of the environment and a top adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. When he wasn’t advising Cuomo on how to ratchet up New Yorker’s energy bills, Zaidi was playing the race card claiming it was being done to help fight climate change.

McCarthy is presently head of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), who has not only sued the Trump Administration hundreds of times in order to hinder energy efficiency, but has been investigated as having ties to the Chinese government. While serving in the Obama Administration, McCarthy not only helped broker the Paris Climate Accord and another international treaty to phase out hydroflourocarbons’ use, she also implemented the rules that destroyed the nation’s coal industry and closed down a number of fossil fuel-oriented power plants.

Then there’s also the scandal involving her agency’s staff colluded with environmentalist groups to write many of the EPA’s policies that wreacked havoc on U.S. energy policy. It was well known on Capitol Hill while Barack Obama was president, that NRDC staffers worked their way into the EPA and the cadre became known as the NRDC Mafia.

Under McCarthy’s watch, the agency also illegally recruited green groups to lobby for stricter so-called clean water rules that resulted in huge confiscations of private property and water rights. In a 2016 interview, McCarthy made it clear we will abandon fossil fuels and rely entirely on unreliable and costly alternative energy (i.e. Americans will be driven into the poor house or another Dark Age).

During October, Joe Biden tried to clarify his remarks during his debate with President Trump about closing down the fossil fuel industry, assuring people he wouldn’t including outlawing fracking. However, with Gina McCarthy and her pal Ali Zaidi at the helm of or influencing domestic climate policy, Biden’s clarification (not surprisingly) was really a lie. Here is hoping Donald Trump ultimately prevails and reclaims the presidency.