Interest in #COVID-19 Internment Camps Accelerates

Late last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that people who tested positive for coronavirus and would reportedly be placed in internment camps. Laura Ingraham made this an issue on one of her Fox News shows and Kiwi leaders responded to the accusations saying the patients would be placed in 4-star hotels. Oh how reassuring! Would you like a little champagne during your stay sir/ma’am? Here, before you have your escargot, let us make the chains of diamonds a little more comfortable!

Queensland, Australia actually seems to be the place in need of scorn in which one plan floated by their Premier would utilize abandoned mining camps to house returned travelers for 14 days. But returning Australians can be assured of a cozy lockdown in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria states. Returning travelers to those provinces can expect to be placed in the luxurious Hotel Grand Chancellor. But before getting all of your pomp and circumstance, you might have to be housed in an internment camp in the barren Northern Territories.

Legislation has been introduced in New York allowing the state to forcibly quarantine disease carriers. Now, to top it off, Germany is getting in on the act in which a recent DW News report states two German citizens living in China are interned in a military base resulting from COVID-19.

Two things to notice in the below video: the person interviewed, Yannik Weis, states he was on a plane to China where all of the passengers were wearing masks. He even admits that, while caution is necessary, the outbreak is not that dramatic.

If, as in the case of an American citizen or anyone else who repeatedly and knowingly refuses to quarantine after being ordered to do so, mandatory internment would make sense. But, in this case, the logic extends to people suspected of contact with an infected person. With the coronavirus outbreak immediate separation after diagnosis is ridiculous and wrong.

COVID-19 is not a plague and people need contact with their families and friends. Patients living at home with their loved ones is one of the best ways to help them fight off the disease since it is being with loved ones that helps someone emotionally deal with their condition or recover.

None the less, with the recent calls by Democrat leaders to loosen their restrictions, the entire coronavirus outbreak has been politicized by the left as one big power grab that still continues unabated and people’s lives are being ruined as a result.