The Situation in Texas is Worse Than Originally Thought

The winter storm has not only exposed the holes in the Lone Star State’s power grid, but the situation in Texas is worse than originally reported. According to the Associated Press, not only are millions without power or sources of heat to stay warm, but water pipes are bursting state-wide. State officials were caught completely off guard for this complete bungle and, consequently, Texans are getting angry*. From the AP:

“The toll of the outages was causing increasing worry. Harris County emergency officials reported “several carbon monoxide deaths” in or around Houston and reminded people not to operate cars or gasoline-powered generators indoors. Authorities said three young children and their grandmother, who were believed to be trying to keep warm, also died in a suburban Houston house fire early Tuesday. In Galveston, the medical examiner’s office requested a refrigerated truck to expand body storage, although County Judge Mark Henry said he didn’t know how many deaths there had been related to the weather.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott called for an investigation of the grid manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. His indignation struck a much different tone than just a day earlier, when he told Texans that ERCOT was prioritizing residential customers and that power was getting restored to hundreds of thousands of homes.

But hours after those assurances, the number of outages in Texas only rose, at one point exceeding 4 million customers.”

Even vehicular traffic is making matters worse since most Texans have not had to deal with icy and snowy road conditions. The pipes bursting will result in even more problems since it could lead to water shortages for residents too. This goes back to a point I made yesterday that the consequences of the winter storm that slammed Texas is the result of politicians neglecting infrastructure for the power grid and reliable energy sources that could kick in to soften the blow of catastrophes like this because it was expedient to support so-called green energy.

Hard lessons to learn with some tragic results too. Hopefully, Texas will be back to normal soon and measures will be taken so that the power outages and shortages will not happen again. Also, a more critical examination of the state’s deeding a percentage of the power supply to renewables would be in order, including scrapping the windmills and other so-called renewable sources.

*UPDATE 02/17/2021: Texans have every reason to be upset since the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is ordering power outages to begin with.

PHOTO CREDIT: A car driving in the Dallas snow, February, 2012 – By Matthew T Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0,