Manufacturing Electric Vehicles Results in Massive Deforestation

The coming expansion of the Rio Tuba nickel mine in Palawan, Philippines will result in massive deforestation in order to meet demand for a key mineral used to help power electric cars. According to NBC News, the mine supplies nickel that is used in the production of lithium needed to make batteries to power electric vehicles like those made for Toyota or Tesla.

NBC News also states the Rio Tuba mine’s growth will go from 4 to 14 square miles that will expand into and affect a rainforest the mine is located in. Panasonic manufactures lithium batteries for Tesla vehicles, respectfully, and when the nickle is received from the Philippine mine, it is used in the company’s power cell production for electric automobiles.

Environmentalists, not surprisingly, are not happy. They have not only started pushing back against the Rio Tuba mine, but also other mines in the U.S. and even in Latin American countries such as Chile attempting to prevent ecological damage or devastation.

However, transitioning to renewable or green energy sources is one of the key goals of the Biden Administration. While Biden has made a number of visits to plants involved in making electric vehicles, his agenda to provide incentives to manufacture them is facing opposition in Congress that could de-rail his efforts.

It is no surprise that environmentalists are opposed to the expansion of the Rio Tuba mine like they are with many others world-wide. The difference is that the Philippine mine provides nickel vital to making vehicles geared to help curb carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. But environmentalists oppose the Philippine mine just like they campaign or sue to stop efforts to build renewable energy facilities, like wind and solar power plants.

Environmentalist’s pitching wind, solar, hydroelectric and other so-called green energy alternatives are just window dressing, They know fossil fuels are the basis of our civilization that enable people to live comfortable and prosperous lives but are anti-civilization. Environmentalists do not want human beings to live and prosper but, rather, want people other than them to suffer and die.