Burnt Out: How Environmentalists Kill

There has been a lot of controversy about recent remarks made by President Donald Trump made about the recent wildfires in California. However, the below video seems to support what President Trump assets. It points out that years of mismanagement and misguided policies resulting from the cult of environmentalism has finally come home to roost.

The Decline and Fall of California

Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked California as having the worst quality of life in the country. Tucker Carlson recently interviewed author, Hoover Institution fellow and also a California native Victor Davis Hanson on Fox News about why California went from one of the most powerful, innovative economies in the United States to having the…

“The Only Path To Tomorrow”

During January 1944, Ayn Rand wrote a short, but powerful essay that was published in Reader’s Digest entitled The Only Path To Tomorrow. In it she laid out the choice the free world had when it came to confronting the threat of Communism. Today, that threat is from it’s offshoot cousin the totalitarian Left. The…

Why Environmentalists Hate Captain Planet

One video blogger looks back at Captain Planet cartoon series and the environmentalist messages it transmitted with absolute revulsion. It not only demonized businessmen and laborers, but humans in general. To some environmentalists, the cartoon series didn’t go far enough in it’s condemnations of humanity and its activities.

Greens Down Under Want More Shark Attacks

From Stuff New Zealand after Queensland, Australia announced a shark cull: Baiting and killing sharks in the wake of two life-threatening attacks in the Whitsundays gives swimmers a false sense of security and will not prevent more bites, Australian environmentalists say. Sea Shepherd Australia and Humane Society International say human safety is paramount but that…