Biden Admin. Insists Electric Cars Are Answer To High Gas Prices

Despite gas prices setting record highs, Politico states Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, is insisting that the best way to beat the pain at the pump is to buy an electric car. Granholm attended a conference hosted by Politico and accuses Russia, and not Biden’s policies, as being the reason for high gas prices.

“Let’s just be clear about the reasons for these prices being elevated — it is because Russia was a great exporter of oil on the global market and when countries like the United States and others rightfully said that we are not going to be funding Vladimir Putin’s war and we’re not going to accept any of those barrels,” Granholm said.

Granholm then used the opportunity to point out that using the Strategic Oil Preserve is a way to help stabilize prices in order to push people to embrace green energy solutions, like electric cars. Despite the very high cost and expense of owning an electric vehicle, Biden is convinced that is the panacea. No mention of how to lower fuel prices only that the present suffering is necessary in order to achieve the left’s green, utopian vision.

The U.S.’s spat with Russia over Ukraine is the opportunity the administration is taking to achieve the administration’s green, utopian vision. Even though electric cars pollute more than vehicles that use fossil fuels, Biden and company could care less about people’s suffering because they do not experience the consequences of their policies.