Irish Cafe Slammed With €10,000 Electric Bill For Two Months

Poppyfields Cafe owner Geraldine Dolan got the shock of her life recently. Her electric bill for two months usage is a whopping €10,000! According to Ireland’s Independent, she was automatically switched to Electric Ireland after the Spanish-based power company she initially signed up with decided to pull out of the country a few months ago.

Dolan says she has done her utmost to keep her restaurant open after having to close due to COVID-19, but now this. Her tweeting the electric bill went viral and, hopefully, she’ll find someway to pull through. However, since Europe tried to confront Russia about Ukraine using sanctions and with the simultaneous push to embrace so-called renewable energy while gutting their fossil fuel framework, reports of incidents like high electric bills are a reminder that the E.U. is literally committing suicide.

Neither Geraldine Dolan nor any other European resident should have to endure such high energy prices and European officials are elected to ensure nasty surprises like this do not happen. But things have dramatically changed and her electric bill is a demonstration of this. With the unrest that occurred there 5 months ago, if Europe doesn’t go back to fossil fuels, the elites won’t like the outcome.