California Environmentalists Get Maine Lobster Black Listed

A California environmentalist group named Seafood Watch has black listed American lobster deeming it unsustainable. According to the Portsmouth Herald, the point of contention that the group has and resulted in the declaration is Seafood Watch alleges the fishing industry has not done enough to reduce the possibility of doing harm to North Atlantic right whales.

However, soon after American lobsters were black balled, Maine lobster fishermen pushed back saying that none of the whales in question have even been caught in Maine lobster gear and environmentalists have not provided any proof supporting their claim. In reality, most right whale injuries or deaths occur resulting from ship strikes not net entanglements and, it just so happens, that the last whale entanglement that happened in the Pine Tree State occurred 17 years ago.

Unfortunately, none of the above facts matter and the damage is being done. Maine lobster fishing is a signature industry for the state and lobster fishermen have had their livelihood hit very hard recently resulting not only from the COVID-19 outbreak but also due to litigation environmentalists have conducted against Maine’s seafood industry. A number of retailers are removing lobster from their menus resulting from Seafood Watch’s declaration and Maine fishermen will soon start feeling the effects.

So far, environmentalists have not provided any evidence to back their accusation and that is reason enough to seriously doubt their sincerity. This is obviously a smear campaign and it isn’t just limited to Maine. American lobster in general hasn’t affected by Seafood Watch’s declaration on a national level … yet. Seafood Watch’s effort is nothing more than a way for environmentalists to attack the human food supply in order to kill people off (except environmentalists of course).