Beijing Biden To Shut Down Alaska Mine, Scuttles “Clean Energy” Agenda

The Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska is at risk for closure thanks to a proposed EPA rule that would ban the mine from disposing of waste material in Bristol Bay citing harm to the nearby sock-eye salmon fishermen industry which is reportedly booming.

Consequently, not only would the mine be forced to close, but it would cost Alaska billions of dollars in lost revenue and Biden would also lose a needed source of materials located in the mine for his so-called clean energy initiatives.

According to the Pebble Partnership’s website, the Pebble Mine has about 81 billion lbs of copper deposits and nearly 6 billion lbs of molybdenum. Since it is highly conductive, Copper is used to power solar panels, while molybdenum is used to construct geothermal energy plants.

But with Biden’s EPA banning the Pebble Mine, it will restrict a comprehensive source of materials that would be used to help achieve his renewable energy goals. Therefore, the only primary beneficiary of Biden’s knee-capping U.S. mining is China who presently dominates the rare-earth materials market. The present occupant of the White House has earned the nickname Beijing Biden for good reason.

PHOTO CREDIT: Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station in Iceland – By Gretar Ívarsson – Edited by Fir0002 – Gretar Ívarsson, geologist at Nesjavellir, Public Domain,