The Ayn Rand Institute – The Ayn Rand Institute is the official outlet to study Objectivism, the moral philosophy of Ayn Rand. The Institute does excellent work and is diligently introducing and teaching the philosophy to young people, supports scholarship and research based on Ayn Rand’s ideas and promotes Objectivist philosophy to the widest possible audience. ARI is strongly against the influence of environmentalism and has been openly engaged in debates and discussions on college campuses and in the media about environmentalism and environmentalist policies.

Cato Institute – The Cato Institute is a libertarian public policy think tank founded in 1977 and named after the Cato Letters which were a series of pamphlets that helped lay the foundations of the American Revolution. The institute does research on a wide variety of different policy issues including global warming.

Competitive Enterprise Institute – CEI is a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty. They are one of two think tanks that have been at the forefront of confronting and combating environmentalism.

Center for Industrial Progress – Advocates for America re-embracing industrial progress as a cultural ideal and as a goal to strive for. Champions policies that fully respect property rights and allow free markets, such that the brilliantly talented individuals of this great country that can lead us to the next industrial renaissance.

Watts Up With That? – Watts Up With That? was started in 2006 by meteorologist Anthony Watts. It is a weather and climate commentary website that reports on global warming issues from the skeptic vantage point.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation – The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is a non-partisan think tank and educational charity concerned with the possible effects of any future global warming and policy proposals unveiled to deal with it.

The Center for Consumer Freedom – is a group dedicated to protecting consumer choice in food consumption. They are dedicated to preventing and exposing efforts by animal rights groups (like PETA) that attempt to restrict the use of animals for human consumption.

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