American Council on Science and Health – The ACSH is a pro-science consumer advocacy group headquartered in New York City.

American Institute for Economic Research – Founded in 1933, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is one of the oldest and most respected nonpartisan economic research and advocacy organizations in the country.

Center for Industrial Progress – This organization advocates for America re-embracing industrial progress as a cultural ideal and as a goal to strive for. Champions policies that fully respect property rights and allow free markets, such that the brilliantly talented individuals of this great country that can lead us to the next industrial renaissance.

Capital Research Center – A think tank dedicated to researching and investigating Leftist non-profits, foundations, and other organizations, how they raise money and finance their causes. An excellent resource to understand the Left’s money laundering operations and gain insights into Leftists methods too.

Institute for Energy Research – IER is an organization that conducts comprehensive research and investigation on the functions, operations, and government regulation of global energy markets.

Watts Up With That? – Watts Up With That? was started in 2006 by meteorologist Anthony Watts. It is a weather and climate commentary website that reports on global warming issues from the skeptic vantage point.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation – The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is a non-partisan think tank and educational charity located in Great Britain concerned with the possible effects of any future global warming and policy proposals unveiled to deal with it.

The Genetic Literacy Project – The Genetic Literacy Project exists to promote public awareness and constructive discussion of genetics, biotechnology, evolution and scientific literacy.

The Center for Consumer Freedom – is a group dedicated to protecting consumer choice in food consumption. They are dedicated to preventing and exposing efforts by animal rights groups (like PETA) that attempt to restrict the use of animals for human consumption.

Speaking of Research – is an international advocacy group that provides accurate information about the importance of animal research in medical and veterinary science. They seek to refute the myths perpetuated by animal rights groups’ accusations about medical testing on animals.

Retraction Watch – is a blog that reports on scientific manuscript retractions and associated issues.

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