Obama Bait and Switch

Obama touted natural gas as clean energy in order to get the oil companies to support his war on coal. After Democrats destroyed the coal industry, Tony Heller says, they quite predictably began their war on natural gas.

Biden BLM Nominee May Have Ties to Eco-Terrorists

Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning, may have ties to eco-terrorists. This, according to The Washington Times, citing information from court records on the part of Wyoming Senator David Barrasso detailing her activities with the eco-radical group Earth First! Stone-Manning reportedly joined the EarthFirst! in 1988 while attending graduate… Read More Biden BLM Nominee May Have Ties to Eco-Terrorists

Making Energy Prices Skyrocket

Twelve years ago, Obama and Biden promised to make energy prices skyrocket. They effectively shut down the US nuclear energy industry, and now Joe Biden is doing the same to oil and gas. This is leading to high energy prices and inevitably more Middle East war.