Biden Took Lessons From His Former Boss’s Response To Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

During 2016, then president, Barack Hussein Obama assured Flint, Michigan residents he had their backs only to simultaneously insult them at an event Obama attended about the lead content in the city’s water. However, Obama’s drinking water earned a rebuke from none other than Michael Moore.

As it turns out, the water Obama drank was filtered, and not unfiltered, in which Obama later admitted the water he drank wasn’t even from the city. Instead of trying to prove Flint’s water was safe and demonstrate his concern, Obama’s appearance was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Not surprisingly, Flint residents later said they were disappointed with Obama (including the 6 year old girl who asked Obama to visit Flint) then like East Palestine, Ohio residents are with Joe Biden now. With this in mind, what Obama did then shows where Joe Biden and even Mayor Pete were able to model their non-response to the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio. In either case, these leftist elites demonstrate the utter contempt they have for the people they claim to serve.

Cleaner water.