Controlling the Climate and Viruses

This is a very good presentation by Tony Heller. He not only shows that climate change and COVID-19 have been politicized, but that the two issues are intertwined in order to be used as a means of trying to control people. PHOTO CREDIT: NASA

A New Fraud Algorithm From NOAA

I’ve been tracking NOAA temperature data tampering for a long time, and it has gotten much worse over the past five years. The US is cooling and NOAA is trying to cover it up by altering the data.

Gaslighting Meat

The Biden White House has declared war on America, specifically on the western states. In this video, Tony Heller discusses another way they are working to destroy our civilization via junk science despite recent studies showing cattle actually fight climate change.

Video Presentations on Carbon Dioxide

These two excellent videos beautifully explain the role carbon dioxide plays in climate change. They also explain the controversy surrounding the role the greenhouse gas plays in the overall climate change debate among scientists, in the public policy arena, and why the controversy is exaggerated.