CNN Climate Crisis

Tony Heller demonstrates that CNN’s propagation of fake news relies on the fact that they think most of their readers aren’t very intelligent.

“Vogue” Promotes Climate Change Using Greta Thunberg Interview

Vogue is another magazine that no longer hides its leftist agenda. In the first issue of their Scandanavian edition, Vogue published an article titled: The Wonders of Greta Thunberg. It affords Thunberg the opportunity to make her claim that the planet’s destruction is the result of human activity and we only have a short time… Read More “Vogue” Promotes Climate Change Using Greta Thunberg Interview

Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Tucker Carlson conducted yet another fantastic opening monologue on his Fox News show last night. Just recently, as Tucker points out and was reported earlier by Tim Pool, the FBI seized the cell phone data of members of Congress. The propaganda the media is perpetuating lays the groundwork or rationale for heavy-handed actions on the… Read More Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America