Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

Tucker Carlson conducted yet another fantastic opening monologue on his Fox News show last night. Just recently, as Tucker points out and was reported earlier by Tim Pool, the FBI seized the cell phone data of members of Congress. The propaganda the media is perpetuating lays the groundwork or rationale for heavy-handed actions on the… Read More Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Is Destroying America

CNN Finally Exposes China’s Malfeasance Handling #COVID-19

After avoiding the clear proof of China’s mishandling, if not outright wrongdoing, handling the coronavirus outbreak, CNN finally releases a report pointing out the Middle Kingdom’s understating the COVID-19 outbreak. Citing almost 120 documents obtained by the network from the Hubei Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CNN confirms that the Chinese Communist Party… Read More CNN Finally Exposes China’s Malfeasance Handling #COVID-19

Stop Paying For TV Wokeness With Your Cable and Satellite Bill

I was clearing my mobile devices of unused apps yesterday, and happened upon one I hadn’t used in quite a while. PlutoTV is a website that provides users free television programs, including live news, sports, and even movies. Best of all, they also have applications on Android and Apple so you can stream their programs from your… Read More Stop Paying For TV Wokeness With Your Cable and Satellite Bill

Et Tu, Fox News?

Videos and fact checks have been posted on this website fact checking and criticizing media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. Though both are Leftist mainstream or legacy media sources, a news organization’s political orientation is not necessarily an underlying reason to write them off. However, Fox News (long considered… Read More Et Tu, Fox News?

Election Hacking

Before elections, the press tells us that elections can’t be hacked. After they lose an election, they tell us that the election was hacked. Remember the uproar after Donald Trump said the system is rigged?