CNN Highlights “Climate Crisis” For National Margarita Day

Last Wednesday was National Margarita Day and, as you can see, CNN never misses an opportunity to inject politics into an issue.

Something to consider as you search for happy hours to celebrate National Margarita Day: The delicious concoction’s main ingredient is threatened by changing weather and new strain on the agave plant’s vital pollinator – the bat.

…[S]cientists from around the world have made it clear that climate change-fueled water shortages will continue to put enormous pressure on food production. Wine and spirits, unfortunately, are not spared from that forecast. A 2019 study found that the climate crisis, coupled with overgrazing from cattle ranching and other human activities, may disrupt the distribution and cultivation of agave, the main ingredient of tequila.

While agave is a drought-tolerant plant that can thrive in hot weather with little to no water, Omanjana Goswami, a food and environment scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the life cycle of agave is too fragile to endure the major weather whiplash the climate crisis is generating – from extreme drought to deadly storm deluges like the one California just experienced.

Yes, climate change-fueled water shortages like California pumping tons of fresh water into the ocean because of the endangered species known as the delta smelt and very likely the reason why Central Valley farmers have had to uproot hundreds of acres of agave plants they cultivate to meet demand. Fortunately, a drought-friendly agave plant is being tested that can potentially replace many of the agave plant species that rely heavily on water in order to meet demand.