Study Ranks Effectiveness of #COVID-19 Interventions

An intriguing study was just published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Human Behaviour yesterday. Researchers decided to rank the effectiveness of over 4000 government interventions to address #COVID-19. The manuscript provides a rating of the effectiveness of specific measures used in hopes of reducing the reproduction number R(t) during the first wave of the coronavirus… Read More Study Ranks Effectiveness of #COVID-19 Interventions

MI GOP Lawmakers: Impeach Governor Whitmer

Tim Pool reports a growing number of Michigan Republican lawmakers are calling for Governor Gretchen Whitmer to be impeached. After her emergency powers were struck down last month by the state supreme court, Whitmer vowed to find other avenues to implement COVID-19 restrictions. She just declared another state-wide lockdown and other policies effective tomorrow. However,… Read More MI GOP Lawmakers: Impeach Governor Whitmer