Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say?

Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities. But what do scientists say about climate change? Does the data validate those who say humans are causing the earth to catastrophically warm? In this PragerU video, MIT atmospheric physicist and one of the world’s leading climatologists, Richard Lindzen, summarizes the science…

Voters unwilling to pay to fix climate change?

During December of last year, founder Marc Morano was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network on the mounting push back against climate change legislation and taxes. This explains the unpopularity of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called Green New Deal.

Los Angeles Dockworkers Oppose More Automation. Or Do They?

Los Angeles dockworkers are up in arms over increased automation that will soon come to the Port of Los Angeles in the form of driverless electric cargo trucks. According to the Associated Press, a hearing Thursday held by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners resulted in union members, local business owners and activists attending.…

61% Fake Data

The United States has by far the best temperature data set in the world. It is also the most heavily tampered with and manipulated by government agencies. In this video, Tony Heller shows how 61% of the data is now fake. You can read his references here.

1500 Private Jets Traveled to Davos Carrying Politicians to Discuss Climate Change

Could you imagine 1500 carbon dioxide emitting private jets carrying politicians, bureaucrats and other politically connected virtue signalers descending on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to discuss climate change? According to Fortune, that is exactly the amount that landed and that they are getting larger and more expensive. Furthermore, Climate Change Dispatch advises…