5 Climate Change Predictions Proven Wrong

Investors Business Daily has a very good editorial and video posted at their website. The write up was done in response to an opinion piece in The New York Times by Arizona State University faculty fellow Edward Fong titled: The Climate Crisis? It’s Capitalism Stupid The editorial says in part: Free market economies have become…

The Environment: A True Story

A comparison of climate alarmist claims about man-made global warming with widely accepted scientific facts about the past history and current condition of the Earth. The host is Dr. John Robson who is a Canadian journalist and historian who writes for National Post.

Svensmark’s Theory

Seven years ago, Danish scientists proved with empirical evidence that carbon dioxide is irrelevant to Earth’s changing climate and that cloud formation is controlled by the sun and galactic cosmic rays. In this video, Danish Professor Henrik Svensmark explains the link between cosmic rays, the solar magnetic field and cloud cover influencing climate on Earth.