In Defense of Columbus: An Exaggerated Evil

A couple of years ago, one video blogger did a presentation on Christopher Columbus and how his bad deeds have been exaggerated to make him fit the role of a villain. PHOTO CREDIT: Christopher Columbus on Santa Maria 1492 By Emanuel Leutze –, Public Domain,

Greenland Propaganda Meltdown

Seth Borenstein has a long history of spreading junk science based climate propaganda. Tony Heller points to Borenstein's recent article about Greenland published in the LA Times - was unusually impressive in its level of junk science and misinformation. PICTURE CREDIT: By NASA Goddard Photo and Video’s photostream –, Public Domain,

Terrified By Glacial Calving

Climate alarmists are always terrified by something, primarily because they don't understand anything about science. Or mathematics. In this video, Tony Heller discusses the mindless hysteria surrounding glacial calving. PHOTO CREDIT: By Marianocecowski - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Cherry Picking Season Arrives in Greenland

The Financial Times has published a misleading article attempting to contribute to the recent climate change hysteria while trying to link climate change with weather despite the fact that weather and climate are not the same. The FT also admits at least twice in the article's text that the jet stream (which is the centerpiece … Continue reading Cherry Picking Season Arrives in Greenland

Rapidly Growing Glacier Ended His Skepticism

Another amazing story of climate scientists and the press claiming the exact opposite of what is actually happening. PICTURE CREDIT: By NASA Goddard Photo and Video's photostream -, Public Domain,