Why Marxism?

I have posted this before but thought it appropriate since today is the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. A few years ago the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a unique speech by Clemson University’s BB&T Research Professor C. Bradley Thompson entitled: Why Marxism?. Professor Thompson’s lecture is an examination on why Marxism still lives… Read More Why Marxism?

“Libertarian” Niskanen Center Joins in Municipal Climate Racketeering Scheme

A harrowing blog post at the Niskanen Center’s blog details the think tank throwing its hat in the ring with Leftist-controlled municipalities of Boulder and San Miguel Counties in Colorado to help destroy fossil fuel companies. Fossil fuel companies are the targets of numerous municipal lawsuits alleging corporations, like Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, intentionally… Read More “Libertarian” Niskanen Center Joins in Municipal Climate Racketeering Scheme

Leaving the Left – My Red Pill Story

Someone on YouTube posted a video describing his evolution from a socialist progressive to a libertarian. He describes the echo chamber many leftists cocoon themselves in and how the left does not tolerate dissent and how his experiences contributed to his conversion.