Anti-vaxxers think there is a right to infect

Researchers at the University of Michigan released a study today that surveyed 614 parents with children 5 years old and under. Three in four of the parents surveyed said they would take their kids out of daycare if they found out other kids were not up to date vaccine booster shots. According to USA Today citing the Centers for Disease Control, more than 30% of children under two nationwide are not up to date on vaccinations. Despite the fact that daycares require kids who attend be vaccinated, most do not follow through by checking if they received booster shots.

The reason for this is due to the anti-vaccine movement who has been very effective at convincing people that vaccines are either ineffective or not good for you die to certain additives (like thimerosal). The overall issue of vaccines raises an ethic issue too. Anti-vaccine groups tend to draw on libertarian logic that vaccines should be voluntary and not mandated. The Anti-Vaccination League that sprouted up in nineteenth century England when vaccinations were mandated for small pox based their arguments and overall logic on non-interference including making religious claims that vaccines were tools of the Devil.

However, the issue of vaccines isn’t as much about non-interference as much as it is understanding why vaccines exist and what contagious diseases they help human immune systems fight. Vaccines strengthen a person’s immune system so they can fend off infection from illnesses like small pox, measles and pertussis. To knowingly refuse to vaccinate is, in fact, imposing a risk upon others that they did not consent to. If someone refuses to vaccinate (despite scientific evidence that refutes their conclusion) they can be a host for a virus to mutate into a strain that can spread quickly among people which can infect and even kill. That is to indirectly infringe on the rights and lives of others since to ignore scientific fact is to ignore reality.

In the case of children, their immune systems are not fully developed which is why children, most of all, need to be vaccinated. It is small wonder moms will remove their kids from daycares and schools where vaccine rates are low. The anti-vaccine movement is an ally if not an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement, since both groups are hostile to scientific discovery and investigation. Both mean greenies and anti-vaxxers are two sides of the same coin. It is the hatred of human life that unites groups like Greenpeace, PETA, and the Sierra Club with organizations like the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and politicians like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.