Hide The Decline: How Climate Change Data Was Faked

This is a terrific video done by Climate Discussion Nexus (CDN) that explains the history of the climate change hysteria in layman’s terms. It reveals how climate scientists deliberately manipulated temperature data. After watching this, you will know what has been going on with the climate change issue and why.

Wounded Michael Mann Lashes Out

Ever since Tony Heller exposed Michael Mann’s heatwave malfeasance he has been on a Twitter rampage. Mann is grossly misrepresenting Heller’s statements, just like he does with his junk science and proxy records. Mann also has Tony Heller blocked, so that he can’t respond.

Dr. Tim Ball on the Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

Retired climate scientist and Michael Mann lawsuit defendant Dr Tim Ball delivered a lecture two years ago on how climate science has been deliberately corrupted. This lecture is based on his book The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science. UPDATE 07/06/2017: Upon further investigation, it is looking like the Principia Scientific article cited above is not… Read More Dr. Tim Ball on the Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science